Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Depression

Chronic health issues, anxiety, and depression can have a big impact on our lives. That doesn't mean you can't have a life full of meaning and purpose.

If you are dealing with anxiety, depression, or a chronic illness, you undoubtedly struggle with difficult, painful thoughts and feelings on a regular basis. And you probably try with all of your strength to get rid of or avoid them. If so, you are definitely not alone!

You’ve been trying so hard every day to deal with the chronic pain, the fatigue, the fear and anxiety. When you struggle with chronic illness, anxiety, and depression, just getting out of bed each morning can seem like a challenge. You’ve tried just about everything to be healthier, to find motivation, to not be anxious, to do the things you love, but it feels like a constant, exhausting struggle. To make things worse, you probably beat yourself up for not “fixing” whatever you are feeling or struggling with and this only makes how you feel worse.

Being human, we tend to struggle with painful thoughts, feelings, memories, etc. When a difficult feeling appears (anxiety, fear), we start to struggle with and attempt to push our anxiety away. We battle with these unpleasant emotions, hoping we can get rid of them. But the difficult thoughts and feelings will reappear soon enough and the cycle to avoid/get rid of them will restart. 

Sounds exhausting, right?  What if there was different way?  What if we let go of the struggle?

The good news is that you can learn to change your relationship with your thoughts and emotions and let go of the struggle!  Without depleting so much of your time and energy in this struggle, your emotional experiences are no longer amplified. 

Yes, you will still experience the whole range of emotions, from happiness to sadness, anger, fear, anxiety, etc., but the emotions and thoughts can come and go, rise and fall. I will teach you skills and techniques so you are not wasting your precious time and energy struggling with your thoughts and emotions.

I understand how difficult it is to struggle with intense anxiety and chronic pain. Fear, low motivation, and sometimes struggling to get out of bed. I have lived with anxiety and chronic illness since I was very young. I know it isn’t easy to deal with the thoughts and emotions and pain we don’t like, but I can tell you it will get better and you can live a meaningful life with joy and vitality.

A Rich and Meaningful Life is Possible Right Now