Trauma and PTSD



Surviving trauma (physical, psychological, emotional, and/or sexual violence) can create an impact that lasts far beyond the immediate experience of harm. Abuse can shake your foundation, your sense of self, your understanding of the world around you. These events can so easily lead to negative core beliefs, which then color all experiences thereafter. It is common to feel overwhelmed by self-blame, shame, guilt, and judgment. You may have a fear of trust and vulnerability.

There is an instinct to run, to avoid, to push any memory or reminder into dark places. Often our bodies and brains do this all on their own, sometimes flip flopping between being constantly on alert versus shutting down, as though an emotional dial is turning up too high, and then too low. The trauma is always there, circulating.

What if, instead of feeling stuck, always trying to cover or overcompensate, there was a possibility to truly heal? To work through the impact? To find relief? To realize your strength?

Our work can help you move in this direction of repair. Therapy can offer a space to begin exploring and experimenting. A space to learn how to safely trust and step into vulnerability. You can take power over your trauma instead of trauma having power over you. Discovering your resilience is the first step toward healing. We can begin that road together.